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6 Fun Ways To Be Mindful When You Need A Break

Some days seem to want to test your patience. When those days come, take a break and find fun ways to be mindful. Despite popular misconceptions, being mindful can be fun and exciting. Here are six fun ways to be aware when you need a break.

On days when your patience is being tested, mindfulness can be a great way to take a break. Mindfulness isn’t just sitting quietly and emptying your mind; it’s about actively engaging in practices that bring increased awareness to the present moment without judgment.

If you’re finding ways to explore the gift of mindfulness and be more aware each day, here are a few fun ways to start: go for a walk around your neighborhood and observe nature, participate in yoga and meditation exercises, practice deep breathing techniques, try out journaling or creative writing exercises, listen to music that brings peace and joy into your life, or spend some uninterrupted time connecting with yourself through self-reflection. With these enjoyable ways of being mindful, you can nurture positive habits that will help enhance your sense of well-being.

6 Fun Ways to be Mindful

1. Journal

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out and be present. Grab a scrap piece of paper, a designated notebook, and a pencil to start writing out your reviews whenever you need a break. Write what comes to mind, and do not filter or judge yourself for these thoughts.

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out and be present. In today’s information overload, we can often spin in circles without finding ways to be mindful. That’s why it’s important to take the time to sit with yourself and tap into what you’re feeling.

Avoid passing judgment; this exercise is about getting into your headspace, unfiltered and unedited. Journaling for just a few minutes helps clear the mind and encourages you to be more mindful.

2. Draw or Paint

ways to be minful - painting
ways to be mindful

Tap into your creative side by trying to draw or paint. Even if you are no good at it, drawing and painting can be a fun and engaging way to express your emotions and be mindful of the moment. Do not judge yourself based on the outcome. What matters most for this practice is your experience while drawing.

Drawing and painting provide a fun and creative way to relax while being mindful of the present. While it is easy to be discouraged when first learning the techniques, what truly matters is the experience rather than the outcome. Put aside pre-conceived notions about your artistic abilities, let go of any expectations and dive in with enthusiasm. Painting or drawing can express your emotions or allow you to observe through creativity. No matter your talent level, tap into your creative side and take some time out of your day for mindfulness!

3. Write with Your Other Hand

Most adults write at least once a day. One way to be mindful and challenge yourself is to try registering with your wrong hand. This task is a fun and challenging way to learn more about yourself. As you write, note how you feel and the thoughts that arise whenever you get frustrated.

Writing with your wrong hand is an interesting way to be mindful and challenge yourself. As you write, you may find yourself challenged by it in ways you had never anticipated – but that’s ok! Notice the seemingly minor thoughts as you switch up your writing; sparks of frustration can also provide a great opportunity to explore the impact it has on how you feel and how your thought process works. Learn more about yourself with this engaging switch-up and daily writing!

In addition to writing with your wrong hand, you can also try changing the type of pen or pencil you use. This small change can have a big impact on how it feels when you write and can give your task an extra level of interest. Experiment with different writing materials and take notes on how each impacts your writing experience.

Writing with a different hand and using various pens or pencils can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. By challenging yourself to switch up your writing tools, you can gain greater insight into yourself and explore new ways of expressing yourself.

4. Go to the Park

Getting in touch with yourself can be much more fun and rewarding when you do it outside. If the weather allows, go to your local Park and sit on a bench. Observe people that walk by, the scenery, and your thoughts. You will learn that being mindful at a park is both relaxing and eye-opening.

One way to become more aware of yourself is to enjoy some natural mindfulness. Being outdoors can provide the perfect atmosphere to gain a greater connection with your body and mind, whether it’s at a local park or a nearby forest. You can sit on a bench and observe all around you – take in the sights, sounds, and smells as people pass by.

A park can offer solace from daily life stressors, which may allow you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, outside can help clear your mind of all that does not serve your higher self, allowing for moments of clarity and relaxation. Getting in touch with yourself through ways such as going for walks at a park can improve mental health and bring about positive changes in behavior.

5. Try Yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise that involves getting your body, mind, and spirit in line. Try a yoga class to challenge your body and connect your mind to the present. You can either go to a yoga class at a gym or look online for free yoga practices.

Yoga is a great form of exercise and mindfulness. What separates yoga from other ways to be mindful is that it requires challenging your body and connecting with yourself on a deeper spiritual level than a walk in nature alone can provide. If you’re looking for ways to explore your inner self contemplatively – while also working out – yoga is the perfect activity!

You can find yoga classes at most gyms or look online for free ways to practice. The possibilities are endless; unleash the yogi within and see how taking time to engage in yoga makes a difference in your physical and mental well-being.

6. Stretch

Yoga isn’t for everyone. If yoga isn’t your thing, try stretching at your house. It is a great way to connect your body, mind, and spirit with little to no pressure or expectations.

Stretching at home is one of the ways to be mindful and look after your body, allowing you to connect with yourself without pressure or expectations. Yoga isn’t for everyone, but there are other ways to tap into our innermost self-care practices—stretching being one of them! Stretching at home allows us to move when, where, and how we’d like while still achieving the physical benefits of yoga that you may desire. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, stretching is a great way to plug in emotionally and physically while also attuning and connecting with your mind, body, and spirit.


Mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, and stretching can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. These ways to be mindful provide a sense of calmness and peace within yourself while also improving mental health. Taking time to go for walks in parks or forests can be very helpful in clearing your mind from all that does not serve your higher self. Whatever path you choose to get in touch with yourself, make sure it brings joy into your life! With these tips on being mindful every day, we hope you find the perfect way to stay connected with your innermost being.

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