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The Appalachians start in Maine and reach all the way down to Georgia. This east coast mountain range was once as high as the Rocky Mountains, but have slowly weathered over time. Today, it features hundreds of trails, and we’ve found the best hiking locations for your next trip.

Blood Mountain, GA

Hike up 4,458 feet to the highest point on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. You’ll get to see a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Also, make sure to visit Civilian Conservation Corp at the summit. The hike is about 11 miles and there’s a hostel there for those who want to take their time, spend the night, and not camp outside. 

Max Patch, NC

This 300-acre grassy patch gives you a nice 360° view of the surrounding mountains. There aren’t a lot of tourists at Max Patch, so it’s a nice place to relax for a day before departing for other hikes. A trek through Max Patch is about 14 miles, so split it up into two days if that’s too much for you.

Shenandoah Valley, VA

Visit Shenandoah Valley in the fall for a spectacular view of the fall foliage. The hiking trail is right next to the Skyline Drive Scenic Highway, so you can, in theory, drive a bit, park, and hike a bit. Plus, if you are vanlife-ing it and want to take some memorable pictures for your social media accounts, you’ll have 90 miles of this valley to photograph.

The Presidential Range, NH

This mountain ridge in New Hampshire includes the highest mountain in the Northeast, Mt. Washington. On a still day, the nearby ponds and lakes look like mirrors. While on a windy day, the wind speeds can top out at over 200 mph. This is why the Presidential Range is one of the more dangerous mountains to hike.

100 Mile Wilderness, ME

At the north end of the Appalachian Trail is the 100 Mile Wilderness in Maine. Here, you’ll get to see this mountain range in its most natural state. The area is a mix of temperate forest and wetlands, which means not only will you spot moose, you’ll also get to experience bogs, waterfalls, and lots of moss-covered vegetation.

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