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Fall is a great time to visit Georgia. It’s still quite hot there, but not as stifling as mid-summer. You’ll still be able to get in those last minute outdoor sports activities before winter arrives. Here are some of the top activities for a fall visit to the state.

Lookout Mountain

Though they may be controversial, many southern states are rich with Civil War history, and Georgia is no different. Lookout Mountain is one of those sites. The battle happened on the northern slopes and is known as the “Battle Above the Clouds.” Today, you can go visit and hike the interesting rock formations while heading up to the summit. There’s also Rock City Garden, to tour as well.

Try the peaches!

Georgia is known as the Peach State, so make sure you try its variety of peach products. We mean peach cobbler pie, peach preserves, peach crisp, fried peach pie, peach slider, peach cupcake, and many more. Aside from peaches, there are also boiled peanuts, barbeque, fried chicken, and pecan pie to try!

Savannah Historic District

Nearby Savannah is a charming city by the shore in Southern Georgia. Whether you love a nice sea breeze, a laid back vibe or the rich history, Savannah has it all. In particular, you’ll want to check out the historic district. If you love architecture, then this is where you can spend all day walking around, taking pictures of the buildings. 


Atlanta is known for its hip-hop music scene, so head there to check out one of the hottest music hubs in America. Once you’ve had enough of hip-hop, there’s also plenty of crunk, R&B, and gospel music. Head to local bars for plenty of live music and you’ll be surprised to learn that indie-rock, classical, country, and blues are also quite popular here. 

And Atlanta is about to have a new attraction, tours at the Tyler Perry Studios. They have made Atlanta the Hollywood of the east and tours were to have begun this year. But, given COVID-19, you’ll have to check to see whether or not they have actually started.

Go Golfing

The Masters Tournament is one of the most famous golfing events and it takes place right in Augusta National Golf Club. While you probably won’t be able to play here, since it’s a members-only, highly-exclusive club, there are plenty of other places to play a round. With over 150 courses around the state, there’s no shortage of available golf outings for your visit.

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