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West Virginia is generally not high on a list of vacation destinations. Miami is flashier. California has more wine, sandy beaches and celebrities. New York provides the ultimate retail therapy. And the western and midwestern states are bigger. But West Virginia has a lot to offer… if you know where to go and what to look for!

Check out a Flea Market

One of the most interesting things about West Virginia is the flea market scene. It’s a great way to get a feel for the locals and you can also find some seriously strange things there. Do you love taxidermied animals? Someone might be offering a bucket of deer hooves for sale. How about pocket knives? There may be another guy with 500 of them in a bin, 10 for a $1. Whatever strange things your mind can conjure up, West Virginia flea markets might have them at a bargain price.

Hike Parts of the Appalachian Trail

The Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada mountains aren’t the only places to go hiking in the US. Sure, the Appalachians are older and shorter, but that just means you can get to the top without experiencing altitude sickness! West Virginia has many trails to hike and the sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. It’ll take less time to get to the summit and you’ll still have time to go out and party at night!

Try the Moonshine

West Virginia is known for moonshine, so of course, you need to head to a local distillery. This alcoholic beverage is basically whisky before it ages in a barrel. To make it, brewers first make beer, and then they distill the alcohol out. It’s a dangerous process because volatile organic compounds vaporize first, so the risk of a fire or explosion is higher than in winemaking.

Taste Local Honey and Molasses

People in West Virginia live close to nature, so it’s no surprise that you can find some of the best honey and molasses there. Head to a local farm to buy some or see if you can’t pick up a few jars at the flea market. Add the honey to your tea or use the molasses to make cookies, you’ll be surprised at how flavorful these products are when they don’t travel far from the source.

Visit Seneca Caverns

There are mountains in West Virginia and there are caves. One of the most popular tourist attractions is Seneca Caverns. The name is an ode to the Seneca Indians who used these caves to perform ceremonies. Today, you can purchase a guided tour. It’s a great way to get away from the midday heat!

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