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Madonna revealed via Instagram that she has teamed up with writer Diablo Cody on a screenplay. Though neither artist has released details on the project, the video suggests it might be a biopic about the singer and fashion icon herself.

Instagram Video

Madonna posted a video on instagram showing her and screenwriter Diablo Cody on a couch, working on a project. The caption reads:

When you’re stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do? Write a screenplay with Diablo Cody about…?

The caption also includes a slew of emojis, all referencing music and film.

In the minute-long video, Cody works on a laptop next to Madonna in the singer’s living room. Madonna asks Cody what song should play in a particular scene, joking “all these details are important!”

They also reminisce about one of the most influential looks of all time — the cone bra outfit. Madonna explains the details to a typing Cody:

 “Straight pin-striped pants sit beneath the corset,” she describes. “It’s cut high-waisted on the leg, the garters come down here, cone bra zipped up the front and then the double-breasted suit coat goes over it.”

The detailed description of Madonna’s legendary Jean Paul Gautier ensemble suggests that the project at hand could be a biopic on her career.

Skilled Screenwriter

Diablo Cody seems a fitting partner to tackle a film about Madonna’s career. After all, the talented screenwriter is best known for her unique films that blend comedy and drama, and always center around a complex female lead.

The Oscar-winning writer came to fame when she wrote the script for Juno, which first featured the unique, rapid-fire dialogue that would become best associated with her work. Prior to Juno, Cody had been a blogger, a sex worker, a journalist, and a novelist. After nabbing her Academy Award, she went on to write films like Jennifer’s Body, Young Adult, Tully, and Ricki and the Flash. She has also created the beloved TV series, United States of Tara and One Mississippi.

Madonna’s Past Work in Film

The pop star has delved into the world of film before. Most notably, she played Eva Perón in Evita, the 1996 musical biography of Argentina’s First Lady.

She also recently directed two projects — Filth and Wisdom, a British comedy, and W.E, a romantic drama set in 1998 New York City.

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