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by TJM

Fast Food has become as much of a culture norm in America as signing the Star Spangled Banner before a sporting event, or paying your taxes. It’s quick, it’s cheap, its tasty (for good or for ill), and they’re everywhere. Drive down any business highway and there’s a gas station, a fast food restaurant, and repeat, until you leave civilization. 

Theres often debates on who is the best, who is the healthiest, what qualifies a restaurant to be a fast food restaurant, and so forth. The debates are never ending, nor are they ever settled. However, we figured we’d dive into the discussion by rating the Top 5 “In House Burgers” from the major fast food chains just to stir the proverbial pot. These are your traditional fast food drive in scenes that do not include the likes of a Five Guys or a Zinburger. We’re talking the old fashion greasy goodness, pull up, order, and go. With that said, here we go!

#1. In and Out – The Double Double 

Not available nationwide, which is a crime, but none the less it holds the top spot. The burgers are the freshest, simplest, and most delicious in our opinion. They don’t overcomplicate things, and they do what they do best, best. If you’re ever on the west coast, In and Out is a must. After you try it for the first time, you’ll know why. 

#2. McDonalds – The Big Mac

Two words, Mac Sauce. It’s nothing complicated, its essentially a combo of ketchup, mayo, and some other ingredients that we probably don’t want to know, but boy is it good. Double patty, extra bread, the pickles, and the crinkly lettuce, are all there for the sole purpose of complementing the best sauce in the game. For that reason alone, the Big Mac is #2 on the list. 

#3. Burger King – The Whopper

The name is powerful. It commands the idea of “A LOT”. It’s a whopping burger! Big, juicy, flame broiled, and littered with toppings including mayo, The Whopper has been a classic for decades, but outside of its history, the value is really in the name. We like it, but we don’t love it, so it hits #3 on the list. 

#4. Wendy’s – The Classic’s 

The Classic Single, Double, and Triple are Dave’s signature burgers on the menu. They’re good, but as the chain’s signature burger, it’s not their best burger. Where as McDonalds and Burger King’s top burgers are the Big Mac and Whopper respectively, we’d argue that Wendy’s is more known for other items on their menu (Baconator, Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, etc.) more so than the classic recipes. For that reason, we have it 4th on this list. 

#5. White Castle – The Traditional Slider

The smallest burger on the list by far, but that’s not why it comes in at 5th out of 5. While the slider is a quick grab, and can be consumed in one bite, the taste isn’t great, the buns are usually doused in grease, and it almost always takes forever when waiting on a dozen at a drive through. You want a good late night munch, White Castle is a great move, but if you can choose between the aforementioned, it comes in 5th place 10 out of 10 times. 

Let us know your “house special” burger thoughts in the comment section below. We don’t expect you to agree, we just want to hear why! 

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