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Denmark is a Scandinavian country known for its beautiful landscapes and the Vikings. When you visit, make sure you check these top destinations.

Thy National Park

What better way to see Danish wildlife than in a national park? Thy National Park has 94 square miles of nature preserves. You’ll get the full “dune and heath” view of Danish nature. The “dune” refers to sand dunes and the “heath” is a type of grass that grows on the sand dunes. There are also lots of birds, insects, and deer that you will probably run into there. 

Rabjerg Mile

Did you know that you can hike a sand dune? Rabjerg Mile is the biggest sand dune in Denmark and tourists flock there to hike. It’s one of the fastest moving dunes, always shifting and changing. The dunes are made of about 4 million cubic meters of sand, which are easily able to bury buildings. Take a trip to what’s been dubbed the Sand-Covered Church. The only thing left of its original structure is its tower. 

Lindholm Hoje

If you’re fascinated by the Viking culture, then start your journey at the ancient Viking burial ground, Lindholm Hoge. There, you’ll find a green field covered in gray, worn-down rocks that act as tombstones for Vikings of the past. The northern part of this burial ground dates back to 5th century AD, a true journey back in time for anyone who visits. 


Take a trip north of Copenhagen to a forest with a hidden amusement park inside. Dyrehavsbakken, or Bakken, is the world’s oldest, still-operating amusement park. It first opened in 1583 and it’s the most frequently-visited place in Denmark. The oldest coaster there dates back to 1932, but don’t worry, there are also plenty of modern rides as well.

Viking Museum

At the Viking Museum, you’ll get an in-depth look at Viking culture and artifacts. Located in Roskilde, it’s primary focus is on boating, boat-building, and seafaring culture. Your kids can even dress up as Vikings! It’s a fun way to end a day of education and cultural experiences.

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