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What do you think about when you hear the words “school lunch”? Sugary-sweet breakfast cereal or dry, old pizza? While this is the reality for many schools across the US, others havr vamped up their cafeteria menus. After all, good nutrition is key to healthy brain development and learning. 

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans

At this school in the Big Easy, students have a garden where they harvest, cook, and learn about their lunch meals. Classes are centered around cooking and students really get a good look at how things in the textbook relate to real life. And of course, meals served in the cafeteria are familiar to NOLA residents – collard greens, rice and beans, and jambalaya.

Ross School

This school is similar to the one in New Orleans, but it’s located in the Hamptons in New York state. The students have access to a communal organic garden where they harvest and prepare the vegetables and other produce. And so that they understand what happens to food scraps, students also learn to sort, recycle, and compost food waste. Meals here are inspired by different parts of the world, so on Monday, you might have shellfish stew from Brazil while on Tuesday you might have brick oven pizza.

Calhoun School

This private school in Manhattan has a cafeteria menu designed by French Culinary Institute chef Bobo. And it’s like a high-end buffet for professional athletes. There’s a salad bar that features starches like quinoa, couscous, and whole wheat pasta. Oh, did we mention the salad dressings are all made from scratch?

Dalton School

The menu at the Dalton School, also located in Manhattan, looks like the menu from one of the local restaurants in the neighborhood. What neighborhood are we talking about? The Upper East Side. So no, this isn’t a place that’s packed with fast food and cheap American-Chinese food. The Upper East Side or the UES is a place where celebrity chefs open up boutiques and 5-year-olds ask for goat cheese and gouda for a snack. 

Sidwell Friends School

What’s a school to do when the President of the United States enrolls his two daughters there? Why, amp up your food game. Barack Obama’s two daughters both went to Sidwell where their menu included delicacies from all over the world. If you’re looking for a school that truly knows how to indulge its students with culinary delights, then head to Washington DC. The education, as you might expect, is first rate too.

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