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Food seems to always taste better with the right sauce or dressing. These products add a bit more pizazz to whatever dish we have in front of us. How many of the top 5 most-used sauces and dressings do you reach for when you sit down to eat?


Mayonnaise is used in so many dishes that it’s the best selling product in the United States. If this sauce suddenly disappeared in some mayonnaise rapture, things like deviled eggs and coleslaw would be dry, unappetizing, and inedible. Mayonnaise is also the base of many other sauces, such as thousand island dressing. Without mayonnaise, we’d lose over half the delicious salad dressings out there!


If mayonnaise is the king of sauces, then ketchup is the queen. This salty, tomato-based condiment is used on everything from hot dogs to burgers to potatoes. Many meals just aren’t complete without a small ramequin of ketchup on the side. Thanks to Heinz’s secret ratio of ingredients, people all over the world consume thousands of gallons of ketchup a year.


There are so many variations of mustard, from the bright yellow kind to the fancy, French type. Mustard is the salty partner to ketchup’s sweeter flavor. While some people are strictly mustard people, many of us love the paired taste of ketchup and mustard. It could be on a burger or a corn dog or a sandwich, but mustard gives the dish a unique kick.

Hot Sauce

What would chicken wings be without hot sauce? Just greasy lumps of fried chicken parts. Hot sauce makes any boring dish better. There are so many varieties that people often have more than one they go to. If you’re in Louisiana, head to a hot sauce store to sample hundreds of brands. Eventually, you’ll find the one for you. Or you’ll lose all sensation in your mouth.

Ranch dressing

A bit of fat in your salad helps your body absorb plant nutrients better. Your brain also responds positively to fats, which is why salads always seem more delicious with dressing. After all, no one wants to eat plain lettuce. Ranch dressing is the sweet-savory and creamy dressing that Americans reach for most often when presented with a plate of raw vegetables. It’s great as a dipping sauce for chicken wings as well. The creaminess helps dial down the spiciness. Plus, what else would you dip all those carrots into?

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