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Poland is a Central European country off the south end of the Baltic Sea. It’s rich in culture and history, so if you’re looking for an educational and fun vacation, head over there!

Visit Castles

Do you love castles? Poland has so many castles that you can spend your entire vacation just touring these ancient buildings. You can start at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, then visit the Kornik Castle, The Wawel Royal Castle, and the Moszna Castle. Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, get out your map and mark down all the castles that interest you along the highways and railroad stops.

Taste Some Paczki

Every country and culture has its version of fried dough. Paczki is Poland’s version and these deliciously donuts are filled with various types of delicious creams. You can find these at any local bakery. Eat them for breakfast or dessert, either way, you deserve the treat! You are on vacation, after all.

Kaplica Czaszek

The Czech Republic has a Church of Bones. Not to be outdone, Poland has Kaplica Czaszek or the Chapel of Skulls. These bones come from victims of war and plague over the centuries. It’s estimated that there are over 3,000 people in the chapel and another 21,000 in the basement. The bones of the designers of this church are placed in the center. 

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Not all history is pleasant and sometimes, we need a sobering reminder of what happened in the past. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp is a must-see. Certain things, such as the Holocaust, are events that humanity tries to prevent from happening. Auschwitz is a place that’s preserved so we don’t forget or lose touch with the suffering, even as time goes by.

Eat Apple Cheese

Apple cheese is actually dairy-free. In America, we have fruit leather, but in Poland, there is apple cheese. To make this delicious snack, apples are cooked, reduced, then dehydrated to produce a dark, cheese-like hunk. The hunk is sliced and eaten with tea. Head to a local restaurant or deli to try some for yourself!

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