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Are you ready to travel, digitally, to a new place? Let’s check out Prague!

Where And What Is it?

Prague is a city in the Czech Republic, in Central Europe. It’s the capital city and the 13th largest in the European Union. Due to its location, Prague has been and continues to be influenced by its neighbors. You’ll find remnants of the Celtic tribes, Jewish neighborhoods, the Roman Empire, and of course, the Russians. From the food to the architecture, Prague reflects its deep and diverse history.


Prague is full of Romanesque architecture, specifically Gothic-style cathedrals and castles. When you’re in this city, you can take an entire day just to visit all the must-see buildings. Start at St. George’s Basilica inside of the Royal Castle complex. Then, head to Old Town Square to check out Kinsky Palace, with its pink and white exterior facade. Finally, visit St. Nicholas Church for intricate ceiling and wall carvings and paintings.


Most people stay in Prague when they visit and that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re looking for more of an adventure, go about 40 miles east of the capital. In the city of Kutna Hora, you’ll find the Church of Bones or Sedlec Ossuary. This Catholic church appears fairly ordinary until you head downstairs. Over 40,000 human skulls and bones adorn the entire space. Where did all these bones come from? It turns out that in 1278, an abbot returned with soil from the site of Jesus’ crucifixion. He sprinkled it on the church grounds and thousands of people requested to be buried in the “Holy Soil.” Later, the bones of the dead were exhumed due to a lack of space and were stacked in the lower levels of the church. A woodcarver was hired to organize them and the results are still there today.


To enjoy local cuisine, head to a ‘hospoda.’ Enjoy beef tartar spread on toasted garlic bread, liver spread, goulash, dumplings, and the famous svickova. In case you’re wondering, svickova is sirloin covered in a root vegetable sauce, served with bread dumplings, cranberries, and whipped cream. It tastes almost like Thanksgiving! 

Beer and Liquor

Who drinks the most beer in the world? Many people think it’s the Germans, but they’re wrong. It’s the Czechs. The most famous beer that comes out of this country is Pilsner Urquell. You can find it fresh out of the brewery at hospodas all over Prague. The locals are friendly. But be warned, once the shots come out, you’ll be shooting one every 10 minutes or so. One of the most popular liquors to drink is Becherovka. No Prague party is complete without it.

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